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Association 2 Board of Directors


John Jacobsen: President 


Holly Colonna: Vice President


Debbie Yob: Secretary & Treasurer


Judi Pelster: Member-at-large


Dave Berg: Member-at-large

David grew up in Minnesota and North Dakota and served in the US Air Force. Educated in Social Psychology. He's worked in many different areas including the recording industry, retail bookstores, hospitality, warehousing, and the American Red Cross. Retired in 2016 and 2019. Moved to Dorado in 2018.


Jill Loeffler: Member-at-large

Jill was born and raised in Nebraska. Since graduating from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, she’s lived all over the world including Denver, San Francisco, Istanbul, Turkey, and Beijing, China. She’s worked at a number of large corporations including Walmart and Sephora and now runs her own travel websites. Jill, and her husband Aram, moved to our community in September 2019 and she joined the board in November 2020.


Joe Anne Hayes: Member-at-large