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Real Estate Assistance

As an assist to those Real Estate Agents and /or potential home buyers looking for property in Dorado, the following Frequently Asked Questions are provided for your benefit.  Further questions can be directed to Dorado's Master Association by clicking here.


Q: Is Dorado Country Club Estates under one HOA?
ANo. There are 13 total HOA’s in Dorado.  Each of the 12 Neighborhoods in Dorado has its own Neighborhood HOA and then the Master HOA coordinates and maintains common interest items for all of Dorado such as the main roads, entrances, etc. A director from each of the Neighborhood HOA's is on the Master Board.

Q: How do I know which Neighborhood HOA has the address I am looking for?
AVisit the map of Dorado to determine where the property is located within Dorado.

Q: Does the resident pay dues to the Master HOA?
 No dues are paid directly to the Master HOA from a resident. The Neighborhood HOA pays an amount for each resident to the Master HOA from the dues paid to the Neighborhood HOA.

Q: Who furnishes the papers and statements to the title company for closing when someone purchases a home in Dorado?
AAll paperwork on a house being sold or purchased in Dorado is done by the Neighborhood HOA. The Master HOA is not involved in any way.

Q: Does the resident ever have contact with the Master HOA?
AThere is no contact unless the resident wishes to attend the monthly Master HOA meetings. A schedule of the meetings is available here.

Q: How can I get copies of CC&R’s for an address?
A: Most of the documents are on in each Dorado Neighborhood's section or by requesting such on the "Contact Us" page of this website here.