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DRC & HSL Committee Meetings

The Design Review Committee (DRC) is comprised of residents of Dorado, Delegates to the Dorado Master Board and Master Board Officers who meet with representatives of HSL regarding issues and design on HSL's Hotel/Office development project in Dorado. The Committee represents the Dorado residents and takes issues requiring decision back to the Master Board for review and vote.

Dick Sexton
 Co-Chair, Dorado Block 17
Linda Hitt
 Co-Chair, Dorado Master President
Jan Sleeper
 Dorado Block 1
Dave O'Hern
 Dorado Village A
Toni Olms
 Dorado Block 3
Lynda Hubar
 Dorado Block 5
Cindy Schiesel
 Dorado Blocks 9 & 10
Kathy Bayer
 Dorado Association 3
Jane Herron
 Dorado Block 14
Theresa Green
 Dorado Block 60
Mike Censky
 Vice President HSL Construction   Services
Teresa Vasquez
 HSL Project Manager

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