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Golf Course Committee

Golf Course Committee  
September 2020

Description: The committee will oversee the administration of the Dorado Golf Course and establish standards for the care and management of the course. The Committee Membership will consist of no more than three (3) members from the Executive Committee, one (1) member from the management company and no more than five (5) homeowners, of whom are active Dorado Golf Course golfers to ensure their knowledge of Dorado’s golf course.

Current Members: Chair: Linda Hitt
Co-Chair: Dave O'Hern
Members: Eileen Johnson, Dave Berg, Marcie Beggs, Sue Bucurel, Robin Buscemi, Rich Richardson, Sue Teaney, Susan Knowles, Trish Cheney


  1. Develop a request for proposal (RFP) to be sent out to golf course prospective golf course operators, as needed.
  2. Review the returned RFP’s and interview top golf course operator/management companies.
  3. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the hiring operator/management company.
  4. Annually review management company.
  5. Committee members will bring community suggestions and concerns to the golf committee.
  6. The Chairperson will regularly communicate with the golf course operator/management regarding community suggestions, concerns, and golf course events.
  7. The committee in collaboration with the golf course operator/management will actively promote the Dorado Golf Course to residents, Tucson residents, and visitors.
  8. Plan and coordinate with the management company golf-related events for the Dorado community.

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